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Different industries require different management standards. The Aerospace industry has several requirements for quality management that the organizations need to follow. For the Aviation, Space and Defense (AS&D), the international quality management standard called AS9100 has been developed.

Many organizations stick to this standard to maintain efficiency in the management and manufacturing process of AS&D products. This standard helps the companies to produce high-quality and safe products for the AS&D industry.


How can the AS9100 standard help the organizations? 

The AS9100 specifies requirements for the formation of the Quality Management System (QMS). The organizations have to follow and implement the QMS while designing, manufacturing and developing the AS&D products.

This standard follows the general ISO 9001 standard’s terms to ensure quality work and management. The only addition is specific industry guidelines related to the aerospace industry. Companies can apply for the AS9100 Certification to improve their performance related to: –

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Delivery

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Why is AS9100 Certification important for the organizations? 

Many companies will not be interested in doing business with you if your organization is not AS9100 certified. This shows the importance of the Certification.

Here are some benefits of AS9100 certification:
  • Risk Reduction – AS9100 standard defines ways of reducing risks related to the production of AS&D-related products. This also leads to a reduction in manufacturing costs as there will be fewer mistakes and more efficiency in the production system.
  • Customer satisfaction – The QMS will help your company in understanding and fulfilling the requirements of your customers. It will also assist you in improving and working according to the feedback provided by them.

Happy customers will always come back. The implementation of AS9100 will increase the level of customer satisfaction provided by your company. This is because the inefficiencies will reduce and products would be of higher quality. 

  • More business and better financial performance – Being an AS9100 certified company will also bring you many new business contracts. Studies also show that companies who have been certified have seen a lot of financial improvement in their business as compared to the uncertified ones.
  • Better improvement – Getting AS 9100 certified includes continuous audits and analysis, which leads to carefully planned improvements. The carefully taken decisions bring better performance and improved profitability.

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IQC the ISO Pros of Michigan will guide and prepare you before you apply for the certification process. In order to get a proper understanding of the working of the organization, our experts conduct analysis. This helps us in providing better training, particularly according to your organization.

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